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Language Fitness

If you want to be good at playing the guitar, you have to play a lot. Music, like sport, doesn’t forgive longer breaks. The more you play the better (provided, you do it correctly); your hands become stronger and fingers – quicker, your body learns all movements so as to let your brain focus on the expressive part of the work. In this respect music is very physical. It requires fitness. Only then you can play without effort, which is indispensible to create art. Constant effort made while practicing, provides effortless performance.

“I won’t teach you to play the guitar, you have to learn it yourself,” said my teacher during our first lesson. This is what I want my students to understand. I won’t teach you English, you have to learn it yourself. Moreover, you cannot stop practicing after achieving a satisfactory level. If you stop, you lose. Only recently have I drawn this conclusion with respect to both my guitar and my English. I’ve realised that if I don’t take care of my skills, they slowly disappear. I hope I will manage to convey this idea to my students and motivate them to learn on their own.

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