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My Classroom

Today I'd like to show you round my classroom. The room is located in the basement of the Primary School building in Mucharz. I had little time to arrange it but I'm quite satisfied with the result. So let me show you the entrance door first. On the door there is a big poster where my students mark their progress in dictation writing and homework assignments. When they do some extra homework correctly or when they show improvement in dictation writing, they can move their personal stickers one place closer to the final goal. When they come to the finish they earn a small reward (such as a funny rubber or a pencil).

And this is my realm. My desk and a bookcase. During the lesson I never sit there. 

On the left there is an information board where my students have another progress chart regarding their SuperSpeed Reading assignment. If they break their record in speed reading they can put a star next to their name. They collect stars to win a prize. On the information board there is also my timetable

. This is the classroom seen from the place where I usually stand when I carry on a lesson. Students can have a drink before or after the lesson as the water is always available.  

And this is what the classroom looks like from the student's perspective. So, sit down and get down to work!

That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed the trip.

Welcome Back!

I haven't written for quite a long time now. It has proved harder than I thought at first. Surprisingly, I have stayed silent for so long not due to the lack of ideas but the lack of proper time to sit and pour them all down on paper (or rather a screen). I was so engaged in launching my new business that I neglected anything beside that.

I had to find yet another location for my school as the one I had hoped for wasn't ready on time. I had to fight for students and work on some marketing strategies. Recently, I have started decorating my new realm – my classroom - which activity is going to be in progress for the next couple of months. It is very exciting, though.

What I find most challenging at the moment is effective time management. I have many groups and the time I spend on lesson planning is way too long and the effects are not 100% satisfactory. I can see a huge area for improvement here. 

As far as teaching is concerned, lately I've discovered an approach and a method called Whole Brain Teaching, which is quite popular in the US. This method engages students' minds and bodies in the process of learning, which turns out to be enormously helpful in learning and classroom management. I've thought that some of those ideas might actually work pretty well in the context of foreign language learning process so I've decided to incorporate some of the strategies into my teaching and wait for the results. I hope they are spectacular ;)

I crave to be systematic and I  hope to write new updates at least once a week. Will I keep the word? The future will show…