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Learn with Your Hands

When you learn a language it may be very helpful to use your hands or even the whole body. It works especially well with children for whom it is not enough to sit, watch, listen and repeat. They get bored very quickly, so to keep them engaged and concentrated I like to employ jigsaw puzzles. This kind of activity can be adopted to all vocabulary items you want to practice. You simply cut words into small chunks and ask kids to put them together again. Additionally you may have a competition factor if you make it in the form of a race. Children love it. 

This time we focused on the days of the week. 

There were two groups which had to build up seven days of the week out of the letters available. So off they went and worked really hard :) . And quite fast.

It was much easier to show them where they made mistakes as the mistakes were tangible. We had to actually move the letter tiles which were in the wrong place into the right position. It was very clear and straightforward way to learn spelling. I somehow got the impression that when they touched the words – they learnt quicker and it was more permanent then when they just looked at the words on the board. 

Finally all days were spelled correctly and as a follow-up exercise the students had to practice writing days of the week at home.

They had a true sense of achievement and they loved the activity. Just the way I love jigsaw puzzles. 

P.S. Janusz, thank you for the photos.