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When Success Doesn’t Come

Summer is near and my summer courses start in one week time… Except that it is all not as simple as I thought it would be.

I expected hundreds of people longing to join course groups. I thought the phone would ring all the time. I planned diversified lesson plans and bought some funny materials to work on. I gathered ideas and waited… 

Yet, my advertising campaign this year was much weaker than the year before. My children were ill and I had to stay with them at home for the first two weeks of June so I couldn't go round the area and properly advertise the thing. I didn't have a good idea for the campaign either, just the usual stuff: some posters and leaflets. I went to a couple of schools and talked to the headmasters, left some posters there and that's about it. I somehow lacked power and energy to advertise myself. 

This year people are less interested in learning English over summer than they were in the previous year. Nobody phones. Nobody asks. Some people say it is too expensive, although the price is lower in comparison with the last year.

So generally the success, I have been looking forward to, hasn't come. The three exciting and inspiring Summer English Courses will turn into one exciting and lively Summer English Course for children (this is the only group that  will be formed – these are the prospects). My extremely busy July will be just a bit busy and I will have more time for my family and much less work (and money). 

On the one hand I am a bit disappointed (a very little bit). But on the other hand I am surprised I've accepted these circumstances with such peace and joy. I sleep well at night. I don't think it over and over again. I don't reproach myself and I don't think: I should have put more effort, I wish my children hadn't been ill, I wish I had had someone to take care of them so that I could work on my campaign and be more active locally and online… I just accept it and look into the future with  humble hope. I'm still learning and developing. And this is just one more lesson. The success hasn't come YET. But, in the right time, it will.


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