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Thank You!

The Summer Course is over. We got "Closer to Nature". We got deeper into English, too. We learnt 309 new items, both single words and whole expressions. It was fantastic!


During the last lesson we put the words in alphabetic order: 

The girls worked really hard, but they looked as if they really didn't mind. It was great, but I don't think I deserve so many presents.


The best were treasure hunt and lesson about cooking.

I will remember that dogs and cats have whiskers, bats have got very good hearing and mole has got very good smell.


The best was learning about small animals. I like kittens. I liked treasure hunt, too.

I will remember the wall with many cards, funny friends, great teacher and many lessons. Bye, bye!!


I'd like to thank the girls and Marcin, their parents and grandparents from the bottom of my heart. 

Thanks! And see you after holidays. 


Questions to Rupica

Girls want to interview their friend in Delhi. These are their questions:


Do you like cows?

Do you have any pets?

What colour do you like?

Do you play games on Facebook?

Where were you yesterday?

Do you like shopping?

Do you like Poland?

Did you ever play trumpet?

What type of music do you like?

Do you like talking?


What’s your favourite animal?

When do you get up?

Where were you today?

How many pets have you got?

Where do you live?

What’s your favourite singer?

Do you like meat?


Rupica, if you can, please answer the questions thoroughly smiley. That would make the girls extremely happy. Thanks.



Today the girls created a great story. Check this out and tell us what you think.

Jessy's Dream



Weekend Diary


On Saturday I woke up at 9 o’clock, Laura went to me on Friday. We played Sea War and “draw and guess”. We watched “Photos with ghosts”. We were scared. Laura went home.

Ula and Krzysiek went to my house. We slept in the tent. We talked but we didn’t want to sleep.

We woke up at 7 o’clock and we went to Leskowiec. After that I swam in the mountain river. It was amazing.


On Saturday I ate cream cake. I was in Wadowice. I was in the museum. I saw photos with John Paul 2. I felt good. It was very hot.

On Sunday I went to the mountains. I went to the mountain  hostel. I had guests. I watched the clouds. In the evening I thought what to write in my notebook. I went to bed at  10 o’clock.

Treasure Hunt

Martha: Today it isn’t sunny. We learnt about a story. In the break we ate chocolate cake. We went outside. We played treasure hunt about animals. We made a fine song. I got a present. This is a special notebook. In it I have a rubber and sharpener, a pen and a pencil. I like it.

Alice: Today we played treasure hunt. We were in the garden. We worked together. And at the end we got wonderful presents. I got a green rubber, pencil, pen and a notebook. Today it was wonderful.

Laura: Today it is my last day of English course but it is a perfect day. We had a chocolate cake. We had fruit and apple juice. Next we played treasure hunt. It’s a fantastic game. We walked around the school and we wrote true answers. The last task was to write a song about nature. In the classroom the treasures were beautiful green notebooks, rubbers sharpeners, pens and pencils. Thank you!!!! 


Girls, thank you for the lovely day! Thank you Laura for the time you were with us. Have a wonderful time in Hungary!

My House

Martha: Yesterday I was very very sad. My Grandpa’s dog died. It wasn’t funny. I was cold. I cried. Lucky, the kitten hugged me.

This is my house:


AliceI was at the English class. I was at home and I was happy.

This is my house:

Laura: Yesterday I was at home. I was in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the living room in my mom’s room and in my uncle’s room. I was at my friend’s Asia, too.  I played cards with Asia and her cousins Krzysiek and Michał. At 6pm I played volleyball. It was a great day.

This is my house:

Beautiful houses. And their descriptions (oral presentations) were even more beautiful!



A Page from the Journal

Today's report:


We have an accident. We learn about different nests. In the break we eat grapes and peaches and we drink juice. We sing a song. Today the song is the best.


We go to school garden and we play taboo. We win!!!! There is a break. I eat figs. We learn about birds building nests. There is an accident.

Laura pours juice on the table! We sing what a Wonderful World song. That is the best!


We play taboo. Next, we watch a film about weaver bird. We eat figs and green grapes. They are good. In the second hour we watch and sing a song “What a Wonderful World”. I want much more sleep.




1. It is an omnivore. It can’t fly. It lives at home. Its baby is called a kitten. What is it?


2. It lives on the savannah. Its baby is carnivore. It runs very fast. It has black spots. What is it?

3It is hairy. It can roar. It lives on the savannah. It’s a big cat. What is it?


4. It lives in a forest. It doesn’t eat meat. It has one baby at a time. Its baby has a “mirror” on its butt.  What is it?  


Do you know the answer? If yes, write.

What Was Your Weekend Like?

Summing up Week 2:

Teacher: What was your weekend like?


On Saturday morning I go to the tennis club. In the afternoon I ride a bike for a long time. I make two  posters. My mom boils beans on Saturday.

On Sunday I make breakfast for my family. I watch football on TV. I  look for my dog in the garden.  My old fish has many tiny little fish. Today I don’t feel good. I want to buy a new tablet.


On Saturday I wake up at 10 o’clock. At 4 o’clock we go to church in Siwcówka. We pray. Grandma and Grandpa have the 45th wedding anniversary. After the holy mass we take some photos. Next we go for dinner in Small Wawel in Sucha. We have soup, main dish, wedding cake and dessert. My cousin Julek plays with me. Misiek plays with us. We go home. I play Minecraft. In Minecraft I build ice-ring. 

On Sunday I wake up at 10 o’clock. My cousins Julek and Adaś come to my house. We eat meat, cake and fruit. We play water war. A butterfly sits on my hand! I feel fantastic. Then the butterfly sits on my head and it sits on Misiek’s hand. Next it sits on Julek’s hand. It doesn’t scare us. Next I go to my dad’s horse, Shadow. I practice trotting.  When we come back home I, Misiek and Dad watch football match. German team is the winner. On Monday I need to sleep! 

Week Two Day Five

Here are some facts about us:


Four people of our group vegetables every day.

One person in our group never eats hamburgers or hot dogs.

I often eat bread for breakfast.


Two people in our group eat hamburgers or hot dogs once a month.

Two people in our group  eat chocolate, ice-cream or sweets every day and one person eats them once a week.

I eat vegetables and fruit everyday. 


Four people in our group eat fruit every day.

One person in our group eats chocolate, ice-cream or sweets once a month.

I eat vegetables every day.