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Teenengers – Could you live without your mobile?

KIDS 1 – Present Continuous under construction


Kids 1 practiced building positive and negative sentences as well as questions in Present Continuous tense. Being able to actually touch each element of a sentence stirred their imagination and enhanced their cognitive skills.Now they are pretty confident in constructing all kinds of utterances – true grammar experts.


Young adults – Polish for foreigners

Today we've prepared a material on how to learn Polish.

Students came up with invaluable tips and very heplful pieces of advice:

1. pay attention to Polish pronunciation eg. : "R" sound in the word "KROWA" (a cow)

2. make sure you learn unique Polish leters, such as ą, ę, ł, ć, ź etc.

3. listen to Polish radio, news, music and watch Polish films to practice listening and enhance understanding 

4. make friends with young Polish people with whom you can practice speaking

5. so as not to get overwhwelmed with the amount of knowledge you have to acquire, learn in small doses: up to 20 minutes a day.

And above all: never give up!

Little ladies – Let’s play

Let’s rap!

I'm very proud of my students.

What are you doing?

YOUNG ADULTS – students’ profiles

Students answered these three questions:

1) What do you do in life?

2) What are your interests?

3) Why do you learn English?

Good job, my students!

YOUNG ADULTS – My Interests


I absolutely love dancing, singing and playing the guitar. I dance in a dance group. My favourite type of dance is hip hop and shuffle dance.


My main hobby is music. I like singing and playing the guitar.


 I absolutely love playing the flute because music is my hobby and I’m very happy when I do what I love.


 I absolutely love having big dinner on Sunday because then I spend time with my parents.


I really like playing football with my friends on Saturdays. 

KIDS 1 – stepping stones

Today we practiced builing sentenses in Present Countinous Tense. Children had to cross the river stepping on the stones in correct order to build good sentences. All children managed to cross the river safly and the aligator (the teacher) stayed hungry.

TEENAGERS – Last Summer

Alicja: I had a great time last holiday. I was in a National Park. There were many horses and my friend, my brother and I walked near them.I took a photo when my friend was giving an apple to the horse. When we came back, we all had very dirty boots.

Damian: I had a great time last summer. I spent the first month at home. On the 23rd June went to the Polish sea in Chłopy. That was a fantastic place. On the 30th June we came back home. Then I played the guitar. In August I went to my grandma. There is a forest. I ran  with my dad in the forest. We rode electric scooters, too.   

Bartek: I was on holiday at the seaside. We walked along the sea. We visited Hel, Jastarnia and Jura. That was the best holiday in my life.